Disruptive technologies and advanced trends create a need for enterprises to adopt new approaches. It is our mission to formulate the strategic positioning of enterprises and to ensure continuous growth by fusing strategy with leading edge technology to help you build your company’s future.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    True excellence is achieved only when pursued at all levels. That’s why we never cut corners and always uphold the highest of standards

  • Blueprint to Execution

    Our commitment lasts well beyond the initial stages of a project. Our consultants provide continuous support for our clients, often well into implementation stages.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

    We offer creative solutions to complex problems, merging management experience with tech comprehension. We assess every client's unique needs before making recommendations.

  • Social Contribution - Israeli Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

    We are involved in the local Israeli technology network. We provide entrepreneurial consulting for startup companies, are active in the capital investment space through our venture capital funds Wadi Ventures and Sixth Millennium Venture Partners. We are also extensively involved in academia. This social and academic contribution to industrial growth and revitalization is fundamental to LEC’s vision and the success of our clients.

Our Services

We define your future growth engines to match your activities and opportunities to the rapidly changing business and technology environments.

Our Edge


LEC offers individually tailored management strategies & implementation support, enabling companies to function optimally at every stage.

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  • Integrated Strategy

    With our comprehensive approach, our clients benefit from a complete management consulting package, spanning all phases of a business cycle.

  • Team-based

    We apply a team-based approach to problem solving. With no cumbersome hierarchy, our clients enjoy free access to our consultants, enabling higher efficiency.

  • Partnership

    Our implementation phase is of equal importance as the strategy itself. We commit to our clients from start to finish, providing hands-on support and guidance every step of the way.


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