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“You only lack experience if they want it done the same old way” – Robert Brault

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” – Albert Einstein


Alumi Experience


“I worked at LEC for 3 great years, filled with interest, challenges and personal growth. A place that strives for excellence and can provide solutions for all kinds of businesses. During my work at LEC, I was exposed to my passion for M&A’s. At LEC we accompanied many companies through mergers and or acquisitions while providing them with due diligence services, transaction feasibility, valuation and more.
 It was important for me to practice what I had learned during my masters degree in the workplace and to work in a warm environment, Today, in retrospect, I can say that these are exactly the things I received and much more.
My tenure at LEC provided me with a personal and professional foundation for growth. During this time, I worked with an amazing team and impressive clients that we were able to bring great value to by: creative thinking, identification and experience.
I strongly recommend both graduates, experienced employees and clients to work and lease the services of LEC and get everything I mentioned and much more in return.”
Amir Tzach, InNegev


“Today I highly appreciate the experience of working at Leading Edge Consultants. It was a time when I learned a lot and enjoyed it every day.
I believe there are only a few places where you get such an opportunity to learn from experienced and nice individuals like Reuven.
Maybe the best part of the work is that every project is different and each time you get an opportunity to learn something new and in Leading Edge Consultants you always see the full picture and have a full potential to make a real difference”
Oz Hassine, flashpoint VC

Apply for a consulting position:

  • Junior Associate

    Job description:

    The position includes: strategic consulting, analysis of technological development directions, market analysis, analysis of financial statements, commercial / technological / economic feasibility studies, market research, complex financial modeling and more. The job involves significant overtime work


    • University Graduate of Tel Aviv / Hebrew / Ben Gurion / Technion / IDC – Industrial Engineering and Management / Economics / Business Administration.
    •  Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    •  High analytical capabilities.
    •  Initiator, creative, curious, diligent and able to learn independently, ambitious, with excellent interpersonal skills.
    •  Excellent verbal and writing ability.
    •  Complete oral and written command of English.
    •  Ability to stand up in front of an audience

Apply for an internship:

  • Management Consulting Intern

    Internship description:

    Conducting feasibility studies through analyzing technological, commercial and financial aspects of M&A candidates
    Building financial models
    Developing strategic methodology for analyzing technological companies in different fields


    Students with a degree in the studies of business management, technology, industrial engineering or economics
    Highly motivated and a hard worker
    Strong analytical & presentation skills
    Team player
    Not afraid to shy away from technology
    Students with background in strategy courses a plus