Technology Innovation & Scouting

Disruptive innovations create a domino effect in existing sectors. By enabling new and better services, they stimulate innovation, and challenge the prices from established providers. To grow their business and stay ahead of the competition, enterprises of all sizes are taking a close look at what they have to do.

Staying in the disruptive innovation game requires substantial investments. The Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem offers endless possibilities which makes it a prime location for R&D centers, large corporations and venture capitals.

To assist our customers, our scouting solution provides customers with a tailor-made approach addressing their specific needs. The approach leverages our extensive experience with the local ecosystem, longtime relationship with investors, including our own VC funds Sixth Millennium and Wadi Venture Partners. Our close relationships with R&D centers, hubs, accelerators, government agencies, and innovative service providers. Knowledge of human resource and corporate companies and understanding of technology.

This allows us to conduct quality screening and matching to advise on the best growth strategy.


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    Professional scouting process

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    Tailor made approach

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    High quality screening

Case Study

  • Technology Innovation

    An investment company with major holdings in the traditional automotive manufacturing industry was challanged with investing in an Israeli startup company in the automotive technology domain specializing in cybersecurity.