Meet XtreamHair! The start-up company that’s going to change the way we get our hair brightened!

Meet XtreamHair !
XtreamHair is a start-up company that we have been working with for the past year, and they are going to change the way we get our hair brightened!

They have developed a fascinating new device for hair brightening via light source, that shortens the process from hours to minutes, and causes little-to-no damage to the hair.

For years, Hair brightening has been an old-fashioned, long procedure done with harmful chemicals, and many women and men have refrained from the pleasure of adopting styles such highlights, ombre, and balayage.

This revolutionary device will shorten the customer’s stay at the hair salon, creating opportunities for hairdressers to increase volume and income, and for customers to choose hair styles without the timely and hair-damaging costs to consider.

The company was founded by David Metzger and Prof. @ami ishaaya (from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ), two bright electro-optics engineers with a craving for innovation.

XtreamHair is now starting their Round A financing stage and we are proud to have our own Reuven Ulmansky & Shani Yona accompany them throughout this exciting process!